Armani India Van Het Klotzicht

Usually the Best Moravia Campanella




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Armani India Van Het Klotzicht


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Usually the Best Moravia Campanella



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Voice du Champ d'Ardoye


We surched a long time to find a perfect partner for Indy, we  looked at a lot of studs.

I saw Ozzy on the briardclubmatch from the Dutch Briardclub in Heteren (Holland) and was charmed of this Beautiful stud.

Ozzy has all what we surched for our briardlady, a big head, a lot of hair and a lovely character.

Indy is in Heat and we wait when she's ready we go to the Czechia.

After a lot of progesterone tests we got 28 augusts at last greenness light to set off to Czechia, we arrived there 29 augusts at Pavla (the breeder of Ozzy) and with Indy and Ozzy it was love at first sight.

 Afterwards Pavla inveted us to have dinner with her. After the dinner we must still looking for a camp-site  what not easy is at that time, it did  turn out better than expected  because the most of receptions have been closed around 21.00 hour but  we found a camp-site. Saturday night we have gone to Ozzy and it was still more violent than Friday. Sunday we had lunch with Pavla and her man and afterwards we have  the amorous couple let toghter again. At Monday we have  progesterone punctures taken in Czechia and our love birds have make love again, afterwards we have immediately driven to our home because we both must Tuesday go to work, when we where un our way we get the good report that the progesterone had gone beautiful high,  now we must wait for the ultrasound till the end of September.


 Today the 26th of september we were at the vet for an echo and Hooray Indy and Ozzy getting puppy's. At the beginning of november the puppy's will be born.